The professional

This is what makes the 3MLittmann stethoscope stand out.

Every Littmann stethoscope delivers professional-leading innovation, engineering, premium materials, precision manufacturing, and high-quality consistency unmatched by other brands.

Our internal testing has shown that some stethoscope brands vary widely in factors such as sound level, weight and build quality. Littmann stethoscopes are manufactured according to strict craftsmanship and quality controls for tight consistency. This means that any Littmann stethoscope you choose will deliver a consistently high level of performance.

From chest pieces to earplugs, Littmann stethoscopes stand out for the following reasons:

1. High acoustic sensitivity varies by model, from performing general physical assessment to performing detailed diagnosis and auscultation.

2. The adjustable diaphragm headpiece is an invention of 3M, which can hear different frequencies without repositioning the chestpiece.

3. Tight snap-on soft-seal eartips conform to the shape of each ear canal, creating an excellent acoustic seal for a comfortable fit. For safety, the eartips snap firmly onto the headpiece eartubes.

4. The tightness of the head piece is easy to adjust to ensure that it fits everyone's head circumference and is comfortable to wear. The angled ear tube aligns with the ear canal for optimum comfort and maximum sound transmission.

5. The new generation of auscultation tube is more tolerant to skin oils and alcohol, and is less prone to stains, so it has a longer service life. Contains no natural latex or phthalate plasticizers.

6. Sophisticated chest piece design provides excellent sound quality while resisting the shocks, scratches and chemicals of daily use.

Post time: Mar-16-2022