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1. Why the blood sugar level measured with a sugar meter is different from the result measured by the hospital

Blood sugar levels often vary over time and can also vary depending on where the blood sample was taken.
The time of measurement is different.
Even after a patient has just returned home from a blood sugar check from the hospital, it is found that the blood sugar value measured at home is different from the blood sugar value measured at the hospital. The reason for this is that with the activity of the body, the body must consume blood sugar. After eating, the ingested blood sugar will enter the blood to supplement the consumed blood sugar.
different sampling points
Since the heart is supplied to the capillaries through the arteries. The blood, after supplying nutrients, including blood sugar, to various tissues of the body, returns to the heart through veins. When using blood glucose test strips, the sampling site used is the capillaries of the fingers. Capillaries, on the other hand, contain a portion of blood whose blood sugar has been depleted. As a result, blood glucose values ​​measured in a hospital using blood samples from the arm will be different from blood glucose values ​​measured using blood samples from the fingertips.

2 Do blood sugar levels change depending on how they are measured?
Yes, it will vary. In the following cases, the difference in the measurement method can affect the measurement results (incorrect results).
2.1 In the process of blood drawing, if the blood glucose test strip is removed from the blood before the sound of "beep", it will affect the measurement result.
2.2 Keeping the blood glucose test strip in contact with the blood for a long time after the "beep" sounded during the blood drawing process will also affect the measurement results.

3. Measurements are taken some time after the blood is drawn
Once in contact with the air, the blood will immediately start to clot. After the blood clotting phenomenon has developed to a more significant level, the correct measurement results cannot be obtained.
Therefore, it is necessary to start drawing blood as soon as the amount of blood reaches a sufficient level. If you need to repeat the measurement, wipe the blood from the puncture point, start from the beginning, and measure again.

4. The phenomenon that the blood has been absorbed by the user has been absorbed again.
during blood draw. If the blood is drawn again after the blood glucose test strip is removed from the blood, correct measurement results cannot be obtained in this case. Therefore, a new blood sugar test strip should be replaced, and the measurement should be performed again after the blood volume reaches a sufficient level (during the blood absorption process, do not remove the blood sugar test strip from the blood).

5. Excessive force when squeezing blood can lead to inaccurate blood sugar detection
If you squeeze too hard, the clear intracellular fluid in the subcutaneous tissue will also be squeezed out and mixed with the blood, which may lead to incorrect measurement results.
If the blood glucose test strip is placed in the air for too long, the blood glucose test strip will penetrate into the moisture in the air, which will affect the measurement results.

Post time: Mar-16-2022