Operating procedures and precautions for common bl

1. Confirm whether the blood glucose meter and the test strip are of the same manufacturer and whether the codes are the same.
2. Familiarize yourself with the operating instructions and precautions of the blood glucose meter.
3. The commonly used blood collection site is the pulp of the middle finger or ring finger
4. Use alcohol for disinfection. After the alcohol is completely dry, blood can be collected. Do not use iodine or iodophor for disinfection.
5. Pay attention to observe the blood fluidity of different patients. In winter, you can live your fingers to ensure that the blood-sucking site has enough blood sucking volume.
6. Do not squeeze the wound excessively during blood collection, so as to avoid the leakage of tissue fluid and affect the blood sugar results.

Two matters needing attention
1. Is the blood glucose meter test strip expired?
2. Whether the blood glucose meter has environmental pollution
3. Whether the test strip is stored properly, some errors are caused by the deterioration of the test strip, so as to avoid the influence of the temperature, humidity, chemical substances, etc. of the test environment
4. When testing, the patient must read the instructions in detail first, and correctly grasp the operation method of the blood glucose meter.
5. If the blood collection is insufficient during the test, the test will fail or the measured result will be low.
6. In the following cases, the blood glucose meter should be calibrated in time

Post time: Mar-16-2022